Celebrate the Oscars With Movie Inspired Cocktails!



Celebrate the Oscars With Movie Inspired Cocktails!

As acres of red carpet get their annual steam clean and the biggest stars in the business embark on their last few days of green juice diets before squeezing into the season’s must-have Gucci couture, hundreds of gold-plated statuettes stand ready for their big day.

Whether they end up in pride of place on a special trophy shelf like Tom Hanks, at your mum’s (Emma Stone) or in the loo (Kate Winslet), they’re designed to turn heads, spark jealousy and inspire endless humblebrags in equal measure.

Even if you’re not on the list of Academy Award nominees (this year, at least), you can still get in the mood by critiquing celebs’ outfits, mocking their speeches and saluting their wins with a well-chosen, film-adjacent cocktail or two.

Vesper Martini

We’ve touched on the (disputed) origins of our favourite spy’s favourite drink elsewhere in our journal but it’s impossible to ignore its significance in the pantheon of cinematic cocktails. Making its first appearance in James Bond’s inaugural literary outing – Casino Royale – the Vesper is peak Martini. Pairing dry gin with vodka (three parts to one) with a half measure of aromatised aperitif Kina Lillet (Lillet Blanc) and shaken, not stirred, of course, it’s unambiguously decadent. Finish with a twist of lemon peel and serve in a champagne coupe for authenticity. Alternatively, give Vesper the heave-ho (like Bond) and opt for a fun and passionfruit-y Pornstar Martini instead.

French 75

The Café Américain, Casablanca – possibly the most famous fictional gin joint in history, managed by cinema’s coolest actor, Humphrey Bogart, in his genre-defining role as cynical fence-sitter, Rick Blaine. The booze flows freely in Rick’s eponymous café thanks to oceans of wine, brandy and 1926-vintage Veuve Cliquot. But the drink that epitomises the louche recklessness of life in wartime Morocco is the French 75 imbibed by the feisty chanteuse, Yvonne, played by Madeleine Lebeau. A simple concoction of gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar and champagne, it looks harmless enough but packs a cinematic punch.


It’s impossible to separate this iconic 90s cocktail from the HBO show that inspired it. The Cosmopolitan was the drink du jour for a generation of thirty-somethings who devoured the exploits of Carrie and co in weekly episodes of Sex and the City. It’s a classic sour – a well-balanced blend of vodka with a splash each of lime juice, Cointreau and cranberry, shaken and strained into a cocktail glass before garnishing with a thick twist of orange. At Edmunds, we use Absolut Citron to give our epic Cosmopolitan an extra kick.

If you’re planning an Oscars-themed party (and, frankly, why not?), ordering a box of cocktails from Edmunds will give you all the plaudits with none of the hard work. And the winner is…