Kumquat Margarita

Strength: 14.6% ABV

El Rayo Tequila, FAIR Kumquat Liqueur, agave nectar and fresh lime juice. A playful new twist on a Mexican classic. We also include dried lime slices to garnish, and for every box or 1L bottle sold we plant a tree!

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  • El Rayo Tequila
  • FAIR Kumquat Liqueur
  • Agave nectar
  • Fresh lime juice


Tasting notes

Our Kumquat Margarita is a citrus-infused adventure. From the first sip, your taste buds will be dazzled by the sweet and tangy flavours that unfold – the vibrant essence of kumquat with fresh lime juice that brightens the composition. A unique take on a classic, this Margarita is a celebration of citrus bliss. Bring a taste of Mexico to your party. Salud!

  1. Fill shaker with ice and add cocktail
  2. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds
  3. Salt rim of martini glass and strain cocktail in
  4. Garnish with a slice of dried lime
The story behind the drink

As befits any cocktail with a hundred years of history, the Margarita’s provenance is unclear. Tijuanan restaurateur Carlos ‘Danny’ Herrera claimed to have created the drink in the 1940s for a dancer, Marjorie King. However, it's thought that the Margarita – or ‘Daisy’ – was already being widely consumed in Mexico’s major cities a decade earlier and was possibly first served there by an Irish bartender called Madden. In any case, by the mid 50s, a California-based José Cuervo distributor was promoting tequila in the US using a printed Margarita recipe. The cocktail has held its ground remarkably well in the intervening years, sparking dozens of variations. Our own version – the Kumquat Margarita – offers a playful citrusy twist on this Mexican classic. It’s the perfect choice for a seasonal party and an ideal partner for spicy nibbles.

The ingredients

Our Kumquat Margarita is made with El Rayo tequila, which takes its name from Mexican folklore, with tales of a great bolt of lightning – El Rayo – striking the blue agave in the hills near Tequila. We use their Plata tequila, which perfectly captures the vibrant flavours of Mexico’s majestic blue agave plant. Herbal aromas give way to bright citrus notes warmed by a hint of peppery spice. We pair this with a fruity, citrus-forward fair-trade Kumquat liqueur from Fair, made with antioxidant rich Kumquats grown in Southeast Asia. The palate offers notes of mandarin, orange juice and grapefruit, with hints of orange blossom lingering in the finish. To complete the drink we add fresh lime juice.

Our customers say:

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We exclusively use the best spirits and liqueurs available, and use at least a double measure in every cocktail. Just like your favourite bar.

Keeping it green

For each box sold we plant a tree, so enjoy your cocktails guilt-free! Together, we’re trying to help make sure the only ice melting is in your drink.

All flair no fuss

Our cocktails are made for shaking or stirring like they do in the movies, and come with perfect garnishes to complete the experience.

Made by us

Founded by two brothers from Suffolk, our cocktails are all poured, mixed, bottled and labelled by hand, less than 15 minutes from home.