Top 5 Frozen Cocktails

Top 5 Frozen Cocktails

Because they lean heavily on large quantities of ice and a mechanical means of blending it, frozen cocktails are very much a twentieth-century invention. The frozen treatment works best with stronger, sweeter flavours which counteract the inevitable dilution of spirits and mixers.

Here are our top 5 super-cooled favourites.

Frozen Daiquiri

Perhaps the original and best frozen cocktail, the Frozen Daiquiri – white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, ice – was a created in a Cuban bar called Floridita and immortalised by Ernest Hemingway who may, or may not, have drunk more than a dozen in a single sitting – and which, if true, would have given him the mother of all brain freezes in addition to an apocalyptic hangover.

Fruity Frozen Daiquiri

Fruit-based Daiquiris have waxed and waned in popularity over the years, with a recent renaissance that’s due to a re-focusing towards more authentic, less artificial flavourings. Our deliciously summery Strawberry Daiquiri made from premium Suffolk Distillery white rum with both strawberry liqueur and strawberry puree is a case in point.

Frozen Margarita

The brainchild of Dallas restaurant owner Mariano Martinez, who used a slushy machine to churn out a steady stream of uniformly excellent Frozen Margaritas to diners back in the 1970s, this classic cocktail blends silver tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice with ice to delicious effect. Serve in a salt-rimmed Martini glass.

Frozen Mojito

Is there any more perfect accompaniment to a summer barbecue? For this sub-zero Mojito*, simply tip ice, white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves into a blender and whizz to a smoothie consistency. Pour into cups or glasses and garnish with extra mint leaves and lime slices.

Frozen Bellini

A chilled twist on a brunch staple, this cocktail is light, fragrant and elegant – the perfect aperitif on a hot summer’s day. As with all frozen cocktails, it’s easy to make – simply blend ripe peach slices with sugar, Prosecco, a squeeze of lemon and a handful of ice till you achieve a soft-scoop texture (you can freeze it in a shallow dish if you’d prefer a Bellini granita!).


*Cut to the chase by blending a bottle of Edmunds Mojito with ice for a fuss-free frozen cocktail!