Top 5 holiday-inspired cocktails


Top 5 holiday-inspired cocktails

OK, so we’ve all extolled the virtues of the unfamiliar and exotic spirits we’ve been persuaded to imbibe in foreign climes, only to find that their charms don’t translate when we’re back on home turf (we’re looking at you, raki, aquavit and slivovitz).

But, for every bottle of unwanted Metaxa mouldering in the understairs cupboard, there’s a cocktail that not only successfully makes the transition from beach bar to back garden but also has the ability to transport you to a sunnier, happier state of mind.

Here’s a handful of our holiday-inspired favourites.

Piña Colada

No list would be complete without this retro classic. The national drink of Puerto Rico, this creamy, fruity delight evokes the white-sands-and-turquoise-skies vibe of every tropical dream destination on the planet. Shake white rum, coconut cream and tangy pineapple juice (1:1:2 ratio) till frothy and serve with a maraschino cherry and the obligatory umbrella for instant beach therapy.


Who’d have thought that a handful of humble ingredients – rum, mint, lime and sugar syrup – is all it takes to bring Cancun to Camden? If you have the time, you can muddle fresh lime slices with sugar syrup and mint leaves before adding a tot of light rum and topping with ice and soda water, or you could order a box of 6 Mojitos from Edmunds and just add the ice and soda. Your call.


Assemble this classic Spanish refresher in less than minutes by mixing red wine, brandy and lemonade with ice and plenty of fruit. Ring the changes with a white-wine version that swaps brandy for ginger wine and includes sparkling elderflower cordial, together with peaches and raspberries.

Tequila sunrise

A well-made Tequila Sunrise is part cocktail, part art installation. Blend tequila with a short measure of triple sec and the juice of a large orange in an ice-filled shaker. Add ice and grenadine to the base of a tall glass, before straining the tequila mix over the rocks, being careful not to disturb the grenadine layer. Garnish with a cocktail cherry and umbrella.


If you’ve only ever imagined drinking this most Italian of aperitivi at a bistro table on a side street in Florence, you might be surprised at how appealing a prospect it is at a homegrown drinks party. At Edmunds, we pair Adnams Copper House Gin with Martini Rosso vermouth, Campari and fresh oranges (infused) to create a premium Negroni with a distinctive bittersweet flavour experience.