Edmunds Cocktails: Great Taste Award Winners!


Edmunds Cocktails: Great Taste Award Winners!

The Great Taste awards are the largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme in the UK — so we are thrilled to announce that five of our cocktails picked up awards this year!

Great Taste have a famously robust judging process, each entry is blind-tasted by selected chefs, cooks, buyers, retailers, restaurateurs, food critics and writers. The judges look for truly great taste, regardless of branding or packaging, taking into account texture, appearance and of course the quality of the ingredients. But above all else the question remains – does the product taste truly great?

We’re pleased that the results came back with a resounding YES. Our Pornstar Martini and our Negroni each achieved 2 stars (an honour only bestowed on ‘Outstanding’ products), while 1 star was awarded to our Espresso Martini, Old Fashioned and Amaretto Sour.

We’ve included some of our favourite judges’ comments below:

Pornstar Martini:

“Vibrant and attractive on the eye with detectable passion fruit puree aromas”

“Very true passion fruit aroma and even better on the palate. The ingredients are well balanced, with just a hint of added sweetness and smoothness from vanilla”

“On the palate, the balance of spirit, passionfruit, lime zestiness, gentle sweetness and the merest wisp of vanilla is well managed and enjoyable, inspiring further sipping. We particularly admire the freshness here”


“Great colour and clarity and all the anticipated elements are in balance. A classic Negroni with sweetness, bitterness and citrus zest as anticipated”

“A very convincing nose with bittersweet burnt orange and a clean aroma of vermouth, we liked the viscosity of the mouth feel. We liked the sharp herby bitter profile of the palate. A very accomplished Negroni”

“It has an elegant bitterness and refinement, especially for a bottled Negroni and we feel it's been made with care by a professional bartender”

Espresso Martini:

“We loved the freshly made espresso aroma to this martini. To taste, there was an initial great hit of coffee; the bitterness and sweetness were really well balanced”

“It was creamy and fresh and for a bottled drink we were rather impressed - we'd be extremely happy to be sitting at a cocktail bar and drinking this freshly mixed”

Old Fashioned:

“We loved the aroma of this Old Fashioned, big on bitter orange, and we felt we were in a bar being served this freshly shaken rather than a pre-mixed cocktail”

“A pleasant aroma of bourbon, caramel and orange peel. In the mouth these same flavours come through with just sufficient bitterness and acidity to prevent it from being cloying. A decent iteration of the Old Fashioned with a good length of finish”

Amaretto Sour:

“This combination works well and the lemon freshness is still present despite being premixed. Good amaretto aroma and flavour”

“Fantastic drink! We loved the sour/sweet balance, and the viscosity was excellent”