Spiced Delights: the best cocktail pairings for a charcuterie board


Spiced Delights: the best cocktail pairings for a charcuterie board

A well-considered charcuterie board is a low-stress, high-reward choice for a party – with little or no prep involved, you can turn your attention, instead, to curating your Spotify list.

Any good delicatessen will be able to supply a varied choice of spiced meats, which you can enhance with cheese – stilton or a good strong cheddar – alongside figs, ripe pear and a slice or two of quince jelly (usually available from the supermarket cheese counter).

Pairing drinks can be a challenge because of the dominant flavour profile of the cured meats. Fortified wines can be a good match – port goes well with lighter, sweeter boards, while sherry works well with chicken (try Amontillado/ Manzanilla) and cheese (Oloroso).

But spirit-based cocktails are also a good bet, too: here are some of our favourite spicy pairings:

Old Fashioned and Prosciutto

Whisky goes well with fatty foods, but this is a match made in heaven. Our Old Fashioned blends bourbon and Adnams Single Malt Whisky, lightly sweetened and aromatised with bitters to creates a smoky, woody profile that perfectly complements with the bold flavours of the prosciutto. 

Bloody Mary and Nduja

A good Bloody Mary is the key ingredient in a great brunch. But this sublime blend of vodka and spiced tomato is also the perfect foil for Spanish and Mexican cured meats like nduja. We’d recommend serving the nduja on olive-oil-brushed rustic bread with a side serving of celery. 

Margarita and Chorizo

Tequila is a brilliant go-to spirit for charcuterie but pairing the spicy flavours of chorizo with the citrus notes and sharp lime tang of a Kumquat Margarita is chef’s-kiss-level genius. Also works with smoky roast peppers and Manchego cheese.

Negroni and Salami

Salami has a particularly robust and earthy profile, which makes it a good match for a Negroni. The Negroni’s complex herbal flavours complement the salami’s richness, while its slightly bitter edge cuts through the rich texture.

Martini and Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon, with its silky texture and mild smokiness, pairs wonderfully well with a Martini. Try layering it on lightly buttered, thinly sliced dark bread, like pumpernickel or Danish rye, and partnering with our fragrant Lychee Martini.